Sarah's Stars

Gayle Friesen. Men of Stone
Kids Can Press, ISBN: 1-55074-782-7  $6.95  216 pg.
Reviewed by Robyn

"The lines on her face were like earth that had gone too long without rain."

Ben's life has always been complicated. Living with his three sisters, his mom but no father hasn't exactly been easy. To make matters worse, the school bully just won't leave him alone. Ben begins to hate going to school, and soon the bullying is more than he can handle. That is, until Aunt Frieda moves in. Ben soon learns a valuable lesson, and how to stick up for himself and others.

Men of Stone is a mature read for ages 12 and up. The author, Gayle Friesen, uses very vivid characters, and she really pulls the reader into the story. I give this novel five stars and recommend it as a possible summer read.


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