My Favorite One
Gene, Age 14, Sugar Land, TX

I lost my teddy bear,
My only comfort object,
It really was my only spare,
Something to hold and walk with,
I looked for it everywhere,
And couldnít believe I lost it.

I think an act of tyranny was unfortunately upon it,
My friend desperately has it in his charming pocket,
He has it in his possession and I am nothing but in concern,
I pray and get ready hoping for it to return,
I paid little attention to what it had done for me,
For my clumsy mistakes I have lost it eternally,

Iím in no condition for its mercy,
Because I mindlessly ignored it,
And he decorates it impressively,
Now it has a golden locket,
I hate this affair,
That dreadful pair,
But this bear was special to me,
I loved this bear ever so greatly.

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