Mystery Fortune
Alex, Age 11, Rockville, MD

Brandon was just a normal kid that had a few friends and a B+ average. He was just a kid that wanted to mind his own business when something very extraordinary happened.

One day Brandon came back from school and his mom was crying while his dad was pulling his hair, frantically trying to find a way to get out of whatever he was in.  Brandon approached his dad and asked him what happened.  His father explained to him in a nervous way that they were deep in debt and could not pay their bills.  Brandon never saw his parents so nervous.  They told him that they would have to file for bankruptcy.  Brandon was shocked because he was never informed about the family problem.  He had never guessed that they were in financial problems because he had a cell phone and a great room. Apparently his parents weren’t aware of the problem either because they had an ok life.  There was no clue to Brandon that the family was in dept.


The next day Brandon skipped school and went to the bank with his parents.  The bankers said that they had 30 days before they were going to have to leave the house. Brandon’s mother broke out in tears when she heard that.  The family found out that there banker had not told the family that they owed more taxes and owed more money.  Therefore Brandon’s dad did not work as hard because he thought that he was financially stable.   They went home and just sat appreciating the home that they were still in and imagining what it would be like without coming home everyday to his house, 89 Lincoln Road.


Brandon went to school the next day and everything went wrong.  He went to first period and he sat on a chair that had gum on it and it went all over his clothes. Then at break he bumped into another kid in his class named Randy.  Randy dropped his books and got mad.  He ordered Brandon to pick then up.  Brandon said no and that Randy bumped into him.  So they got into a dissing contest.  First Brandon said, “Yo' mama like a Big Mac -- full of fat and only worth a buck.”

Then Randy responded by saying, “You so stupid you have to call 411 to get 911.”

Then suddenly, before they were about to start fighting, Mr. Calmanary interrupted them and told them they would be left with a warning and never to do this again.  Brandon and Randy left each other with dirty looks. When he went to Gym someone had stolen his gym clothes and since he had already taken clothes from the office, (because of the gum incident) he had to sit out of a block period of gym (which was 2 hours long) so that he didn’t get the clothes dirty.  At lunch he drank sour milk and in eighth period his work wouldn’t save on the computer and he had written a big project that was due that day.

When he was walking home he heard his cell phone ring and was sad because that day he would have to have his phone taken away because they could not afford it anymore.  He answered it and a muffled voice announced to him, “The dough is stashed underneath a garbage can that has a big cross on it in the alley.  Next to apartment 34, on Lincoln Street, gotta go, get the cash.” R-r-r-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr went the phone, indicating that the person on the other line had hung up.

Brandon decided that he had nothing else to do so he would go to Lincoln Street.  He called his mom and he told her that he would be gone for about 1 hour.  Brandon proceeded to Lincoln Street and on the way he saw the city change.  As he walked from his small suburb neighborhood to the less affluent part of the city.  Brandon was walking and he saw Fred, a kid at Brandon’s school.  Brandon asked where Lincoln street was.  Fred thought for a moment and then pointed in a direction.  Brandon left to go in that direction.  He spent an hour and a half looking for the street.  When he had searched that whole area there was no Lincoln street.  Just then Brandon remembered that Fred was one of Randy’s friends and was helping him in the fight.  He got mad as he realized that he had to go find the bag the next day because Fred had tricked him.  The next day Brandon skipped school to go Lincoln street.  He asked for directions in a store.  The man told him the way and he started off in that direction.  When he got there he saw was a brown bag.  He opened it and on the sides it said, “You were too late to pick it up and our location may be revealed, so go to Frankle Street.”

So he again went into the same shop and asked for Frankle Street. This time the guy pointed to the complete other way.  When Brandon got there he looked for almost an hour then finally found it and left the alley in a hurry, frightened. Brandon walked home very slowly, still dazed and confused about how he had that much money.

When he got home he opened the bag again and there was a note in sloppy hand writing:

“In total there is $4,000,980.  We got it all from the dope we are selling in the hood.  I hope I have your number right, 405 – 756 – 9870.  We are gonna ride on the train with Fred, the hobo, to Chicago where we are gonna sell the powder.  The next drop off point for the cash will be in L.A. we’ll meet you there.  We’ll call you and tell you where we’ll meet you.

He realized that it was drug dealers that got the money.  And that they called the wrong number.  The number that they called was the handler of the money for the drug dealers.  Brandon was scared that the dealers might come look for him, but he doubted it because there is a slim chance that they could track him down.  Brandon lay in bed and just wondered about what he was going to do with all the money.  When he woke up he found out that the bag was gone and that his parents were counting it.  His mom hugged him and his dad was the happiest in his life.  They found out that in total there was $4,000,980.  They kept only what they needed and some more in the  bank.  They gave the rest to charity.


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