Sarah's Stars

Dayle Campbell Gaetz. Mystery from History
Orca, ISBN 1-55143-200-5  $8.95  170 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley

Why are there fresh tracks around the old, 'haunted' mansion?

Mystery from History sure lives up to its title! Rusty Gates, Katie and Sheila need to figure out a mystery from history before it is too late. There are strange fresh tracks, around a long deserted mansion. The mansion has a mysterious history, and the three children find themselves in the middle of it all. How can they solve the mystery without being caught by the criminals who are using the mansion secretly, and illegally?

Dayle Campbell Gaetz has created a WOW book for children in Grades 4 and up, with this 170 page mystery. The characters each have distinct personalities, which are all very well done and described. The plot is very easy to follow, but the mystery is not easy to solve. You get so involved in the mystery that the book is impossible to put down.

I give this book 4 outstandingly, bright stars.


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