New York on a New Year
Jordan, Age 13, Kansas City, MO

The huge TV gathers everyone to Time Square. New York looks so beautiful yet very overcrowded. The buildings are so tall I feel like an ant in tall grass. How can it be a new year in just one short second?

A new future taste sweet like chocolate cake. I can almost touch it but not yet. A short second in time acts like an inch gap in my reach to the future.

People are chanting their last count to twelve o clock and kids are playing unaware of their surroundings. Everyone is just watching the golden-lit ball, including me.

I can imagine myself at home on this very night, just sitting on the couch, staring at the TV like a zombie, but no, Im in New York City.

Suddenly I hear horns blowing and people laughing with joy. Finally, a new year is clearly in my reach. 


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