Sarah's Stars

Stefan Czernecki. Paper Lanterns
Talewinds, ISBN 1-57091-410-9  $23.95  29 pg.
Reviewed by Carlie (with help from Sarah)

Little Mouse never thought he would become so skilled as to be able to make paper lanterns. Old man Chen already had two apprentices, one to make the shapes (frames) with the bamboo sticks, and the other to cut the coloured paper. They thought they didn't need Little Mouse, but he practiced anyway.

Paper Lanterns has great pictures that are full of colour. My Mom read it to me and of the five books I read for the Chocolate Lily Award, Paper Lanterns was my favourite. It had eye-catching pictures, the story was different, and I really liked Little Mouse. My favourite picture was the very last one.

I really enjoyed Paper Lanterns and I would recommend it to all Grade 1 and 2 readers.


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