Sarah's Stars

Kristin Butcher. The Gramma War
Orca, ISBN 1-55143-183-1  $8.95  168 pg.
Reviewed by Katie

Annie is eleven years old. She has a great life ... living with her mom, dad, sister, and of course, her great companions, Sandy and Sandy (her gerbils). She has lots of friends and a great teacher, Mrs. Pauls. A perfectly normal life, if you ask me. Unfortunately, there is a twist!

Annie's grandmother is eighty-one years old, smokes and is extremely grumpy. Of course, Annie reacts when her mom tells her the news. 'Grandma is going to stay with us and she will be taking over your room and pretty much your entire life', as it sounds to Annie. 'Oh ya! Sandy and Sandy will have to move out!!' Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!! This can't be happening to me! That's not the worst of it, though. The next morning, the Principal Mr. Watson comes into the classroom to give the class some really, really bad news ... but that's something you will have to find out for yourself!

The Gramma War is a soft cover novel that is suitable for most upper intermediate readers. This is a great book that has lots of family issues in it. Don't just look at the title or the cover and judge it. This book really deserves full marks. It's worth reading. I give this book five stars!


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