The Gum
Jason, Age 15, Marks, MS

I was chewing some gooey, chewy gum.
I was chewing with the rhythm of a drum
Mrs. Armstead told me to take it out.
But I kept chewing without a doubt.

The tasty pink gum was really good,
I would've spit it out if I could.
The gum was a bright array of pink.
I put it in my mouth so my breath wouldn't stink

The gum was soft like my fro.
It tingled my tastebuds as far as they could go
Well, this is not the end of the gum,
Cause in my pocket I still have some.

Soon as I get out of this class,
I'm gonna pop a piece in my mouth real fast
I'm gonnna chew and chew till I can't any more
My stomach and my tastebuds are gonna be sore

This sugary, sweet precious snack
I think I'll buy another pack
To chew and chew to the end of time
Until there is no more for me to find.

But, I'll never, never chew in class,
Because, I might get so into it I'll never pass!

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