The Harpoon
Brent, Age 11, Bethesda, OH

There was a hunter
And his harpoon
He held it close to him
Looking around with his
Eyes almost shut
It was very hard to hunt
In the snow because of it
Roaring past him
He saw something,
He got as close as
He could and threw the
Harpoon at an animal
He watched the harpoon fly through
The air.
When it landed
There was a
Big hole with blood
Coming out of the deer.
     But it stopped
After a while because
It froze in the cold weather
He brought the
Animal back to
Help his family.
When he got back
     his son asked
     “What did you use?”
     and the dad said, “Harpoon.”
His son got
Vines, stones
And hard wood
The harpoon was very sharp
Like a sword
And long.

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