The Right Thing
Matt, Age 14, Houston, TX

“Larry, can I get the answers to the math study guide?” Bob asks.

“But Bob, how do you expect to pass the exams if you don’t know how to do it?” Larry replies.

“Don’t worry, I’ll study before the test, it works every time,” Bob answers.  Larry did not believe this.

“Whatever.”  Though Bob was one of Larry’s good friends, he knew that he was not bright in math and would not do well if he did not do the study guide by himself.  However, Larry had just moved to the neighborhood and was still trying to make friends and fit in, so he let Bob borrow his study-guide.

Days later (only a week before the exam) Larry overheard Bob boasting about his great score on the study guide and said that he would easily ace the exam.  This made Larry mad because he knew that Bob had not spent the time on the assignment like Larry had.  The same day Larry heard Bob boasting, he thought about what to do.  He came up with two possible solutions.

The first was to let it go and let Bob get a bad grade on his test. The second was to tell his math teacher about Bob’s cheating and make him re-do the study guide.  He pondered on the thought at home before he went to sleep.  He decided on the second choice, even though it probably involved Larry getting in trouble for letting Bob cheat and make him look bad in school.

He told his teacher before school the next day.  He got a weeks-worth of detentions and lost his friendship with Bob, but he knew he did the right thing and promised himself he would never let someone cheat off him again.


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