Through My Eyes
Amber, Age 16, Bay City, TX

A tainted heart with faded pictures,
memories that never seem to cease.
Remembrances of anything
that was ever right
betrays me alone with no peace.

I feel a sense of longing
for what has never been,
How is it that Iím to live
if I canít see an end?

With the world at all its faults
and no one to blame,
There are so many debts
due from those before
how am I to gain?

At times I get so scared
that I canít catch my breath,
And my eyes get so swollen
from all the tears Iíve wept.

My dreams are my only escape,
As I envision spreading my wings
to fly away from all this hate.

And oh how sweet the smell of love
and bitter the taste of heartache
that kills me ever so softly,
That I wake to find my life
anew with feelings

This is all the life I live
as sad as it may seem,
The only thing I have left
is the hope of which I dream.

And when the time has come
for me to leave all you here,
So shall I leave you with this poem
to which Iíve cried my only tears.

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