Time Ballad
Drew, Age 15, Virginia Beach, VA

A picture's worth a thousand words,
are your words the same as mine?
Is there a higher level of understanding between us?
Because I can look at you,
and know,
that you know,
everything but
nothing in particular.

Despite language barriers
do you get what I mean?
Will you come with me to the Ball of Time?
Your hand is so perfect,
fitting so snuggly into mine.

Will you walk with me towards forever?
Walking through infinity,
you and me,
we could be,

Passing through dimensions,
hours become songs.
we can dance forever...

Levitation, all laws of physics are nullified.
Deep breaths of minutes feed my
gasping lungs, I am starving for some air.

The orchestra turns every second
I am with you, into magical tones and chords.
Centuries pass in the blink of an eye;
am I blinking slow,
or is time flying by?

Father Time conducts the band;
Baby New Year leads the chorus
as they climb ever higher
up the scale.

Listen closely, and you will hear
the songs in the tick tocks
of the clock.

Breath them in,
let them echo inside yourself,
capture the moment in your lungs...
....hold on to it forever

Particles of time
suspended in air,
like plankton in this vast sea of mine,
in the Sea if Mind,
glowing softly, they scatter
as we twirl about,
they are like lightning bugs,
illuminating past eternities.

Life is a Ballad of Time.
You can stand alone,
with your back against the wall,
or you can take the floor and dance your life away.

It is a fantasy dream,
Oh, what it could it mean?
Breath in time, exhale
Cherish everything
cherish it always
Put on a record
and just push play.
Sing along with this Ballad.

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