Sarah's Stars

Rachna Gilmore. A Group of One
Henry Holt and Co., $25.95  184pg
Reviewed by Sarah

Tara just wants to fit in as an ordinary Canadian and be just like everyone else. Some of her classmates say she is black; she is not! Her skin is a shade darker than a "pure" Canadian's, but not black. Is she singled out because of that? At fifteen, the thing she wants most is to be "normal". Her teacher is the person who singles her out the most, which naturally Tara finds extremely difficult. Will she ever be seen as a true Canadian?

I thought that A Group of One was an exceptionally good book. I liked the way the story was written; it was very touching. I really enjoyed reading about Tara's hardships and thought that the way everything worked out in the end was very interesting. Anyone age twelve or over will take pleasure in the events that unfurl in this moving novel. I think that this story deserves an outstanding four stars.


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