A Single Rose
Jessica, Age 14, Chicago, IL

A single rose
In a basking pose
By the silvery light
Of the icy night.

Each silken petals
the colour of metal
Stained by time
And a heart not mine.

With protruding thorns
Like devilís horns
That pierce the heart
Till death do us part.

Ensnaring the minds
Of hopeless divines.
Making slave of the soul
And taking its toll.

A weapon of hope
Ever so remote
That uses fear
To raze all we hold dear.

All in all, we come to an end,
Hand in hand, friend by friend.
All by this rose
Basking in innocent pose
By the silvery light
Of the icy night.

Its beauty, a knife
That strikes us through strife
Inflicting us with the pain
Of an impossible gain.

And all we can do
To pull this through
Is endure the pain
Through weakness and strain.

Day by day, night by night
Desperately we wage a losing fight.
Through blood and tears
And endless years
We come to realise
Through one another
That love conquers all,
Even each other.

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