End of the Battle
Jessica, Age 14, Chicago, IL

Hello, darkness, where I hide,
The deepest silence in which I confide.
I long for freedom, yet fear release,
This steady rhythm yet to cease.

Hello, night, which destroys the day,
A goodness that cannot withstand the fray.
The tears that pain me, the laughter I fear
Remind me that I am a prisoner here.

Hello to the cold, which thrives in my heart,
Death slowly completing its wretched part.
The hopes I have dreamed of, the things I want most
All disappear and float away, like a silent ghost.

Hello, evil, in which this world lives.
The only thing it has to give.
Ambition and greed, envy and power:
All I can think of in my last hour.

Hello, my love. I'd feared you had gone.
Left before you could hear my last song.
These foreign emotions of our hearts and minds
Have been hidden in a darkness that no one can find.

Hello, pain, my forgotten friend.
You've always hidden in wait, till the very end.
You have been concealed in many ways:
In love, in pleasure, it always stays.

Hello, torment. We meet again.
Though it appears that our meeting must end.
The love that destroyed me, the hate that it built.
I feel like a rose...wilted by guilt.

So you see now, my love, that you’ve opened my eyes
With your deceit and torturous lies.
Though I fear that you have come too late
To save me from this bitter fate.

Good-bye now, my love, but look what you've done:
You've torn out my heart; I hope you had fun.
I've given up fighting. This battle I've lost.
I loved you for nothing, and at a terrible cost.

Hello to the darkness, good-bye to the light.
This battle is ended. I fall into endless night.

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