My Imagination
Patricia, Age 13, Montreal, QC

To go to my favourite place,
I don't need to run anywhere.
I don't have to wash my face,
Brush my teeth, or do my hair!

I go to this place every night and day;
A good place to sit and think.
I could relax, or go and play,
But not much in my world would be pink!

It's my special place;
Where I can have fun.
Explore up in space,
Or bake a cinnamon bun!

Cook up a batch of creativity;
Drain out the sea of hatred and dread.
Think up a brand new activity,
Or just listen to the turning wheels in my head!

Imagine yourself in my little world;
Look all around, what do you see?
Everything through your eye is swirled,
For this special place belongs to me.

No one can tell me what to do;
Correct my wrong from right.
Find a tunnel; run right through,
Follow curiosity's light!

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