My Writing Suitcase
Karina, Age 12, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

There's a special place
A very 'unique' space
Where I keep my writing tools
I think that it's pretty cool

It may look old
It is, I'm told
But don't be alarmed
It's part of it's charm

I got it from my grandma's mom
And I bet no one else has one!
It's thirty years old
It smells a bit of musty mold

It's not a briefcase-
No, it's a suitcase
With a brown and gold swirl
In a hard shell of pearl

It's where every story
Sits in the glory
My family might shout
When I pull it out

That's it's much too wacky
And totally tacky
But I don't mind
My suitcase is one of a kind!

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