Colleen, Age 10, Barrington, IL

As the rain comes down it makes me feel calm, sleepy, and drowsy. The blacktop looks so sad because thereís no happy children playing on it. The trees look like they are in the shower soaping up their damp hair.

I feel sorry for all the animals and human beings. I know the plants are enjoying this weather. Just like we enjoy warm, sunny days. All I know is I do not like this weather. I rather be playing outside!

The clouds are sad and thatís why they are crying. I wish I knew why they are crying because I would love to cheer them up with a funny joke or face! That way the sun would come up and brighten the sky. Then the dull, gray clouds would turn into big white puffy clouds and all the children will come out and play.

Life would be so perfect if the clouds stopped crying and the sun came out from its room, as if it was punished. I believe its punishment is over. I am giving permission to come out of its room. If only the sun came out. Everything seems so dull when it rains. The puddles looks so big! They remind me of our world. Our world has many ponds, lakes, and streams. Just like our pavement. Imagine our pavement as a mini version of our world. I think I see the Mississippi River over there, by that stream! I never knew it was going to be so gray today.


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