Sarah's Stars

Diana Wynne Jones. The Crown of Dalemark
Oxford University Press, $11.25  346pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

"He held the small golden image out. Maewen reached out gladly and took the image in both hands. It seemed to affect her eyes, so that the long empty room grew foggy, and her ears, so that she could only dimly hear Wend's beeping radio."

So begins an amazing adventure of two worlds the past and the present. Diana Wynne Jones has interlocked these two times to create a breathtaking story. Just imagine it from the "present" side of things. Being able to meet people you had seen in paintings in museums, and then knowing their personalities when you saw the paintings again. But there is the downside. How would you fit in as a person you never knew? Everyone thinks you are the same person, but inside you have no idea what is going on!

I really enjoyed The Crown of Dalemark. Even though it is the fourth book in the Dalemark Quartet, and I haven't read the other three, it was an outstanding book. I would definitely give it five stars and recommend it to any reader Grade six or above.


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