Ocean Swell
Stephenie, Age 12, Bomoderry, Australia

On a dark and gloomy night over the beautiful ocean swell a silent whisper went. There when the whisper finished stood a silent light, deep beneath the ocean bed.
The sound of a ship awoke me. I jumped and hurried to my parents' room but only mum was lying there with a tear rolling down her cheek.
I tried to cheer her up but nothing seemed to work. Her heart had already been broken to the stage that no one could fix. Days turned to months and months turned to years.
Finally a few days after my 18th birthday she passed away. Two years later I got a phone call. It was my father; he was in hospital. I hadn't seen him since I was 9.
The next day I went to the hospital but I was too late. He passed away a few hours after he called.

But my life turned out happy. I have a husband and two beautiful children and I am a professional singer. But I still like walking by the ocean and thinking of what could have been.


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