The Mouse
Patricia, Age 13, Montreal, QC

When I was sitting in my house,
I saw a little furry mouse.
In its paws, it grabbed some cheese,
And then he said, “Don’t take it please!”
As I was watching him with awe,
He bent down to lick his paw:
“I always wash before I eat,
And never try to use my feet.
Take my advice; it’s very true,
It works for me, and should for you!”
“A talking mouse? What’s with that?
Hurry up and grab a hat!
I’ll catch it, and set it free;
Hoping it’ll leave me be!”
“Please don’t hurt me: no, no, no!
I’ll take my cheese and: go, go, go!”
S – W – O – O – S – H
Darkness appeared for the little mouse;
Who should’ve given up, and left the house!

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