Sarah's Stars

Gordon Korman. The War With Mr. Wizzle 
Scholastic, $3.99  ISBN: 0-590-44206-6  225pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

"We have to wear WHAT??!!"

The boys at Macdonald Hall have always more or less enjoyed school, until now. When they find out that there is a new dress code at school they're upset. There has never been one before! Bruno, ringleader and schemer, is more than upset. He's ready to take action. When they meet Mr. Wizzle and learn about the demerits, he starts scheming furiously.

Gordon Korman has written an extremely funny book about Bruno's antics, and his attempt to rid the school of Mr. Wizzle. I really liked it and thought that having a finishing school for ladies right across the street was an excellent idea for the book. The ending fits perfectly with the story, and I thought all the characters were very realistic. I would give The War With Mr. Wizzle five stars.


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