Sarah's Stars

Elizabeth E. Wein. The Winter Prince
Firebird, $9.99  ISBN: 0 142 50014 3  202pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

Who would ever think that the heir to the throne would be unable to kill a deer out on the hunt? Unable to fight illness or walk down a long, dark corridor. Yet that's an accurate description of Llue, heir to the throne. His older step-brother, Medraut, is the exact opposite and seems much more suited to Llue's role in life. With dark blue eyes and white-blond hair he is an uncanny sight. He is wise, strong and learned in the practice of medicine, but will never be heir, even though he is the elder of the two.

Elizabeth E. Wein has written an extremely powerful story. I was drawn into the battle between the two half-brothers and could not help but feel for both of them. I loved the way there was an air of helplessness around Llue, and the way Medruat sometimes took advantage of Llue's faults, then later felt terribly about his actions. The Winter Prince is definitely a five star book.


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