Natalie, Age 11, Vernon, BC

The lights of stars atwinkling;
shining steadily down so bright,
Keeps your spirits happy;
in the middle of the night.

Until the car lights of your father's;
come blaring down the street,
And before he evens slams the door;
I suddenly start to weep.

I run right out the pasture;
out to the world unknown,
There's tears streaking down my face;
This will never be my home!'

Running down the empty paths;
the darkened stores I pass,
It's better than I've ever dreamed;
cause at home I wouldn't last.

Then a stranger steps in front of me;
he wouldn't let me through,
And with a piercing voice he says:
'What's the matter with you?'

I quickly glide back to the house;
where my angry parents wait,
I didn't stop till I broke right down;
and I ended at the gate.

I opened it so quickly that my sleeve got caught;
trying to undo it, it turned into a knot.

Squirming and tugging I lay there;
the knot getting tighter it seemed,
Then I opened my eyes,
it all had only been a dream.

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