The Story of the Acacia Tree
Katja, Age 12, Denmark

A long time ago, before man dominated the Earth, God created the animals. There were no plants at that time, so God gave every animal their own seed, so they could plant something. The hyena was the last in line, and was very happy because she at last could have something of her own.

The lion (who already had his seed) was not happy about this, because the hyena was his worst enemy. The lion said to God that his enemies should not get anything. The lion's words did not worry God; he called the hyena, so she came.

"Well.." God said, "I know that the lion is not happy about this, but here hyena, take this seed and plant it. It's yours now, you can have your own tree."

The hyena was happier than ever. She finally got her own seed!! Hyena went over to plant her seed, at a very beautiful place, with lots of sunlight. She began to dig a hole, and buried the seed. She gave the seed water every day, and protected it from danger. The problem was, that hyena, in her hurry, unfortunately planted her seed upside-down, so the tree crown was growing down into the dirt, and the roots up to the sun.

The hyena did not understand why her tree was so weird, but the giraffe was very happy because the tree was very tasty. The hyena gave her tree the name 'Acacia', and many animals today call it: The Hyena Tree.

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