Why "The Pledge of Allegiance" Is Important to Me
Katelyn, Age 12, Pace, FL

The "Pledge of Allegiance". What do you think it symbolizes, and why do think it is important to say it often? I believe it has a purpose for great many reasons.

First of all, I think it allows us to stop and think about all the men and women who gave their lives in the Revolutionary War trying to make this a free country.  No, we weren't always free.  In fact, not even three hundred years ago, we were living under Great Britain's power.  Today, because of the many soldiers who won our battles, we do not have to worry about some Dictatorship controlling our lives. Instead, we have the freedom to do (just about) whatever we please.

Second of all it reminds us that we must join together.  In "The Pledge of Allegiance" it states "One nation under God".  You may never think about that line, but that one line happens to stand out to me more than any other.  What I think it means is that we are united as one, therefore we should work together as one and show every other country how fabulous this country really is.

Finally, it inspires me to do my best as a role model, and to keep a positive attitude. It makes me want to make good decisions and not take our country for granted.  If we each do our best to be good and fair people, those who aren't so fortunate from other countries may decide to immigrate to our country.

Maybe I have made you think about "The Pledge of Allegiance" more carefully.  Why do you think it is so important?

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