Just Another Face in the Crowd
Kate, Age 11, Armstrong, BC

Once upon a time, I had a best friend. We did everything together, it was always just me and her, nothing could separate us, nobody could interrupt our fantasies. We went to the same school. We were in the same class  until grade five. That was when things changed, that was when my life turned upside down.

It was the first day of school, kids were excitedly waiting to see if they were in the same class as their friends. My other friend Anne came up excitedly "Kate, we're in the same class with Rachel and Stephanie. I'm so excited."

I made my way to the list posted on the door and ran my finger down the list of names, but it didn't help to look at the list, it was plain as day, my best friend's name didn't come up. The name Madeline didn't come up. My eyes threatened to give way into tears but I held back and entered my classroom without a word. The day passed uneventfully, and when I got home I went into my room and cried. It was no use, things would never be the same.

During the next few months Madeline began to play less and less with me, she found another group of friends, a group of BOYS. Soon, Madeline became just another face in the crowd, but whenever I saw her I missed our talks and I missed it being just the two of us.

So, one day Madeline came over to us. She decided to play because her gang was playing too. She ignored us and acted as if we were children. That was it, I finally let go. Madeline and I were no longer friends.

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