Killer Bats Attack
Aly, Age 12, Merced, CA

Mom! Mom! Can you hear that outside? Please donít go I can feel there is something out there I know there is.

Outside the house it is starting to get darker and darker. Tyeís parents are leaving for their date and he is all alone. As he sits at his computer typing away, he hears his sister's stopwatch go beep, beep every second. The noise seems slow at first then it gets faster and faster.

Tye shakes his head as to wake himself from this dream. But, as he awakes he hears what sounds like scratching in his garage. Again he still thinks he is dreaming but, no, this time the sound is real. He gets slowly up from the computer and starts walking to the garage. Every step he takes he hears the watch. It is going faster and faster. His heart is beating louder and louder in his chest.

As he approaches the door everything is still. He opens it to find the lights are off and then out of the blue he hears the faint sound of what sounds like wings fluttering. He tries to slam the door closed as he hears the sound closer and closer. It's too late though, they are already in the house.

Tye looks up to see about 15 killer bats with red beady eyes swarming above him. He feels them staring at him, waiting for his blood. So he does the first thing that comes to mind: RUN!!!

He dashes off to his room. He hears the bats following quickly behind him. The noise of the wings is getting louder. Then finally he is there. He runs into his room and shuts the door as quickly as possible.

The bats slam into the door trying to stop. Then all of a sudden everything is quiet again. The lights turn back on. But, Tye isnít ready to come out yet. He has to make sure the bats arenít trying to play a trick on him. So he waits for a couple minutes then slowly opens the door.

What he sees shocks him. It is his parents. They are standing there holding a PBC pipe with what looks like the same fifteen bats that were chasing him and they are rubber. He was running away from rubber bats.

His parents and his sister stand there laughing. They say we had it all planned we had to test out our bat trap for Halloween tomorrow. Well I guess it will work.

Tye and his family had a great time scaring kids that Halloween. Tye will always remember that night with the killer bats.

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