The Lion's Share
Katja, Age 12, Denmark

A long time ago, there lived a lion, a leopard, a jackal, an ostrich and a rabbit. They where all males, except for the jackal. They also lived together, and they were all owners of 16 impalas. Every day one or two of the owners went out with the impalas so they could feed, except for the lion. He always stayed home because he said that he was king of beasts.

One day, the jackal and the ostrich went out together, with the impalas. When the impalas began to eat, the jackal asked the ostrich if it wanted to look after the impalas or find something to eat. The ostrich wanted to look after their impalas.

The jackal agreed, and went out to get some food. But the jackal just took a stone and covered it with some sticky leaves. "Here ya' go," the jackal said, "Eat this bunch of leaves. There's a tasty fruit inside." The ostrich swallowed the stone covered with the sticky leaves at once and the 'food' got stuck in the poor bird's throat. "Call the impalas together and sing for them so we can bring them home," the jackal yelled.

"Wuu-uu-uu-mm," the ostrich said; he tried to sing but it did not work.

"Stop that horrible noise, you idiot! They're running away!!" the jackal yelled.

When they came home, the jackal said to the lion that the ostrich made the impalas so afraid that they ran away, and the jackal, all alone, should bring them home.

"What's the matter with you?" the lion asked.

The ostrich tried to say something but, again, it only said: "Wu-uu-uu-mm."

"You see? He's making it worse," said the jackal. Then the lion, with one swipe of its paw, killed the ostrich.
Next day, the jackal said to the rabbit that it was his turn to look
after the impalas. Then the jackal went over to the lion's secret place - jackal knew that lions always hide milk there. The jackal drank some of the milk and shared it with the rabbit. The jackal licked her lips, so the milk was gone, but the rabbit did not.

"Who is the thief that drank my milk?" the lion asked, when rabbit and jackal came home.

"I don't know, but rabbit has milk on his lips…" the jackal answered. And before the rabbit could say something, the lion killed it.
Next day, the lion killed an impala and said to his friends that they should share the meat. First, the lion said that the leopard should cut the meat. The leopard shared it in two half pieces.

"One piece is for the lion and the other piece is for us," the leopard said.

The lion was not happy about this, and said that leopard should share it differently.

"If you're not satisfied, then you can leave" the leopard said.

The lion got angry, and killed leopard.

"Come 'ere jackal, you shall share it," the king said.

"All right let's see…. Half of this, ...... No, no. I've got an idea! You shall have all of it!" were the jackal's words.

"Wow, how did you learn to share so well?" the happy lion asked.

"The leopard's death taught me," the jackal said.
One day the jackal asked the lion if she could make a new carpet for him, because the old one was ugly, and could the lion look after the impalas. The lion agreed with this, and went out with the impalas. The jackal made a big hole in the lion's room and threw a bunch of burning coals in it. Then she covered the hole with a new carpet that she quickly made.

When the lion came home, the jackal said to him that he should try to lie down on his new carpet. The lion did this, and fell down in the burning coals, so he died. And then the jackal became the only owner of the impalas.

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