The Two Little Boys and the Big Bad Monster
Josh, Age 13, Merced, CA

One time there were two guys who studied the forest and decided to go out and camp out in a tent. They were named Billy and Bobby, and they were scared of everything. That’s why they didn’t want to go, but they had to do research. 

Billy and Bobby were scared of everything because they were skinny and tall so anything could hurt them.  Billy and Bobby were always trying to learn something new so they went to the forest.

When Billy and Bobby got to the forest they set up camp and ate lunch.  After lunch they decided to go check out the forest and see where they would be living for four days or maybe less.  First they split up and started to search for information. They didn’t find much more than what they had read forests were like. 

It was getting late so Billy and Bobby got into their sleeping bags and started to fall asleep. Just before they fell asleep they heard a crackling sound close to their tent but it quickly went away and Billy and Bobby breathed deeply in a sigh of relief. Then all of a sudden they heard it again! After that, the sound never came back.

The next morning they went out again on a search and discovered something interesting. They discovered footprints that were nearly two feet long!  “Big Foot!!! they screamed at each other.

Billy and Bobby were terrified to go any further in their search.  They looked at each other again and said, “There’s no way it could be Big Foot.”

They split up and said they would meet back at camp by dusk.  The time passed quickly and Bobby headed back to camp and then he waited and waited.  Billy never came back to camp that night; Bobby was really scared.  Then Bobby heard footsteps of a monster coming closer and closer!  Then Bobby hid in the tent and all he could hear was footsteps that got louder and louder, closer and closer.  This continued for an hour.

Finally, it stopped and Bobby opened up the tent.  Bobby couldn’t believe what he saw, it was the monster!  The monster stood 10 to 12 feet tall and was very hairy all over.  The monster's eyes glared with fear!  In the monster’s hands lay Billy without a heartbeat and not a sound!  The monster said very loudly, “Now it’s your turn to die!”

Billy and Bobby suddenly woke up and realized they were only late for dinner and not the monster’s!

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