What I Am
Michelle, Age 14, Whitby, ON

Why do people ask ďAm I fat?Ē
When they know they arenít
are they trying to pick on me
or do they think Iím not there

People say Iím beautiful
I just say Iím me
Iím beautiful on the inside yes I know
but on the outside I feel ugly and fat.

Why do people say ďIím notď
when I know I am
Iím trying to thin out
but itís not working

People say things behind my back
it hurts when I overhear them
when they ask whatís wrong I say my fish died
then they say you donít have fish

Why do people say they care
when all they do is feel sorry for me
I try to act like nothing is the matter
but it always comes back

People are holding hands
boyfriends and girlfriends
I feel like an outcast
When I am the only one without a boyfriend

There is this boy but he doesnít notice me
Why do people say just wait, just wait
When Iíve been waiting for years
They think they know but they have no idea
What itís likeÖ.to be fat

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