Being a Girl
Amber, Age 13, Michigan, USA

Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from a poem by Anita Miller, published and distributed by Portable Publications Ltd. It is followed by Amber's thoughts on what the poem means to her.

"Being a girl is where it’s at.
I’m proud, sometimes loud.
And I know how to have fun.
I am who I am (And then some)!

I may be small but my dreams are BIG!
Helping people, Being strong and
Always staying true to myself.
My future lies in my own two hands,
Not in a crystal ball.

Being a girl is awesome.
Girlfriends share bubble-gum.
Bear hugs, and lots of super-secrets.
My friends are like my clothes…
I can’t have enough of them!

Being a girl is really cool.
I am a girl in my heart
And I will be,

This is one of my favorite poems that is hanging up in my room in a frame that my mom had given me for a present. I really like this poem because it really tells you what girls are like.

One of my favorite sayings in here is… “My future lies in my own two hands not in a crystal ball.” I like this because that is exactly right, you shouldn’t count on a crystal ball you should rely on yourself because a crystal ball isn’t always going to be right.

Another saying I like is… “My friends are like my clothes… I can’t have enough of them!” I also like this too because I am always with my friends doing something and I can’t live without them. Because I feel like if I am not with them every single minuet of the day I am going to miss out on something important.

I am also a girl in my heart and I will be,

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