Sarah's Stars

Marilyn Helmer. Dinosaurs on the Beach
Orca   $7.95   ISBN 1-55143-260-9  133 pg.
Reviewed by Hayley

Josie is staying with her grandfather at Stone Trees Cottage in Nova Scotia, just her and Grandpa. The last time they were fossil hunting at Stone Trees Cottage, Ethan, her brother, found a little bone and Josie found part of a small tailbone. It could have been the discovery of a new type of dinosaur, the smallest ever -- but they needed more evidence. Can Josie find more, and keep it a secret from an enemy beachcomber and his big white dog?

Dinosaurs on the Beach is written by Marilyn Helmer. It has 133 pages of adventure, and this Orca Young Reader book is suitable for ages 7 and up. Marilyn Helmer has written many children's books, one being Fog Cat. I like the story line, and her style of writing. I would be interested in reading more of her books. I rate this book 4 stars.


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