Dirt Biking
Steve, Age 12, Romeo, MI

This week I went up north dirt bike riding with my uncle Tom, uncle Cliff, my Dad, my cousins Tim, Cory, Bobby, Billy,and my brother Eric. My cousin Tim has two dirt bikes (Honda CR 250 and a Suzuki RM 250) He brought both of them up north and he rode his CR and I rode his RM, My dad rode his DR-Z 400, uncle Cliff rode his DR-Z 650, uncle Tom rode his XT 350, Cory rode his YZ 80, Billy rode his TT-R 125, Eric rode his TT-R 125L, and Bobby rode his TT-R 90.

The first day it rained and we got all wet but rain doesn't stop us, no sir it doesn't. That first day was still awesome even though we got all muddy and stuff.

On the second day it was really sunny. Then all of a sudden it hailed but it stopped just as unexpectedly, so that was good.

When we were riding through the trail, I was behind Cory and he hit a stump and flipped right over the handle bars and knocked the stump out of the ground. He was alright but it was funny. So after a while we stopped to take a rest and uncle Tom told my dad the rings were fried on Bobby's bike because there wasn't enough oil in the crank case and it sort of ran out of power and started to smoke. Luckily they had seen that and added more oil or the piston would have seized up.  Uncle Tom, Billy, and Bobby went back to the trailer and we just kept on going.

We came to one part of the trail where there was a big mud hole and when I went through it I gave it a ton of gas and it threw mud up and over my head. It was cool! We finally got to the parking lot loaded up and went to the hotel. The next day we went home. Our dirt biking trip was fun!

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