In Memory of Mom
Shay, Age 14, Merced, CA

I was at my friend Kenny’s house playing Play Station when my brother came to get me. He asked Kenny if I was there because he had something to tell me. I asked what the problem was, but he couldn’t tell me. His eyes just watered up. We left and went to my grandpa’s house and there were a lot of people there. I saw my two grandfathers and my step dad and I couldn’t imagine what it was, but I knew it must have been serious because of the look on their faces.

Josh finally spoke and these words came out. “Mom died.”  I felt like the world stopped for a minute. After several minutes I asked, “What happened?”  

The bad news was just sinking in when we had go to to the service. When I walked into the building the first thing that I saw was a table with lots of pictures of my mom. I was then taken to where my mom was. I was given a chance to see her.

The last time I had seen her was in the hospital when she was very ill. I remember walking into the room where my mom was laying on a bed. I had to turn around to see her. I noticed that her glasses were off but the watch that I gave her was still ticking. My whole family was crying. My brother asked if I wanted to say anything to her and I said, “No”.

I left and went into the church next door and there I saw Mrs. Palumbo, my Fifth Grade teacher and Mrs. Garcia, my brother’s teacher, seated in the pews. I had asked them to come. It made me feel good to see them. After the minister finished his sermon he asked for our family to stand for recognition.

We then went outside of the church where many friends and family tried to make me feel better by saying nice things about my mother. My mom’s best friend came up to me and said she was sorry, and I said that I would come to her house to see her sometime.

Another nice thing that I can remember was that Mrs. Palumbo allowed me to miss homework assignments for a whole week. It’s funny how certain things stand out at a time like this. I also remember that when I got home I started to think about the things my mom and I did together. I knew then that I would always miss my mom and began to cry.

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