Just Another Fairy Tale
Anna, Age 9, New Westminster, BC

Once in a far away land, in a mystical place, was a princess named Princess Misty. All the animals knew Princess Misty and the princess could talk to the animals.

The princess cared for and loved the animals. The princess had some special animal friends named Tali the fox, Bush and Brush the brother and sister squirrels, Skip the deer and Music the magical bird.

But the most special were the little fairies. They were colorful. One day an evil witch came to the land where the princess lived. The evil witch had a big bat and all the animals tried to help and they all used all their special powers.

The little deer asked "what was that last power because no one had a power that big". The princess said "well, the magic is friendship." The animals helped and the magical fairies made us remember about our friendship.

But that's another fairy tale.

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