My Baby Brother
Aly, Age 12, Merced, CA

Weve been waiting here in the hospital for at least three hours now. Im tired and my stomach is growling I am so hungry. Finally, my grandma and grandpa walk into the hospital and are going to take my brothers and me to lunch.

After we are done eating we go to a gift shop to find my new baby brother a gift to give him when he is born. My brothers and I walk around the store and each pick our own special gift to give him. As we walk up to the counter to pay for our gifts the cell phone rings.

It was my dad saying our baby brother was on his way out right now. We quickly paid for the gifts and took off down the road to the hospital. We got there incredibly fast. My new brother, Beckham Scott, was only 3 minutes old!

As soon as I got there I could tell my mom was in a lot of pain. But, she had the faintest smile on. It must have hurt more then I thought to have a baby because my mom is one of the toughest people I know.

My baby brother brought a whole new world to my family. He changed all our lives drastically. Now we had a baby brother to chase around the house. That meant no more just sitting and reading in peace and quiet or driving on long 4 hour trips without hearing screaming. He is a handful!

Now my brother is almost two years old. He loves to talk a lot and play games like building Lego and playing catch. I know he gets on my nerves all the time but, I have to admit when he is smiling and playing with you there is no better feeling in the world!

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