My Mom
Mia, Age 12, Romeo, MI

My Mom means a lot to me and I know I mean a lot to her. She’s always there supporting me. Most kids my age would have a role model like Britney Spears. But me?  NO WAY! My Mom is the person I have to thank the most. She is the one taking me EVERYWHERE! She never lets me down EVER! She takes me to piano, picks me up from basketball, takes me to catechism. Every night she makes a wonderful homemade dinner! I don’t even know how she does it all. She definitely is my role model. She usually never punishes me unless she knows that I did something wrong or bad.

Last week she let me bring a friend to the Shock's very last game! And she stayed home with my little brother. Also, when she knew we had no time and would be really cutting it close to being late for the Shock game, she knew I needed contacts so she made sure I got them.

She must have an extremely hard time with trying to keep up with making my Dad and us a happy family! And for that I want to say thank you to her by writing this short story so now everyone knows what a perfect Mom I have! I love my Mom very, very much!

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