My Senses on the Basketball Court
Jessica, Age 12, Romeo, MI

I see
    …the toughness of my opponents spreading across the court.
    …the minutes going down on the scoreboard.
I hear
    …the cheering of the crowd coming from the stands.
    …the blowing of every referee’s whistle before the game starts.
I smell
    …the victory that is right under our noses.
    …the hot brisk air that is coming through one of the open doors in the gym.
I taste
     …the sweat that is pouring onto my lips.
     …the cold water rushing to the back of my throat.
I feel
    …the sweat of each of my teammates on the basketball under my fingers.
    …the dirt on the floor as I slide to the ground.
I am a teammate, a defender, a player.

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