Lindsay, Age 13, Deep Run, NC

First you will feel a little tingle, but that's just the fuzz
Second you'll feel good, yeah that's the buzz,
You get in your car thinking everything's alright
So you rev up the car and drive into the night
You go real fast, as fast as it will go
Your friends are in the back screaming "NO!"
You try to be Mr. Cool and drive even faster
You hit something in the road and swerve in a blur
You flip it one time, two times, three
You roll down a hill and hit a tree
You hit the steering wheel
You can't describe the pain you feel
No one making a sound
Just silence all around
You reach over in the cold dark still
You think to yourself, "this wasn't the deal"
You touch your friend, and think you feel mud
You turn your head to see him drenched in blood
You close your eyes, and out you go
When you wake up you're cold as snow
You look around to only see lights
and hear the paramedic say "he's scaringly white"
You hear your mom say "he's awake" with a gleam
You think to yourself, "this is only a dream"
You try to move, but you can't feel your body
Then you scream out for somebody
The doctor comes in, with a needle, sterilized
"Doc. what's wrong with me?" is what you say,
he says "sorry son, you're paralyzed"
Then there is just silence again
You think and think, how did this begin?
You sit in your bed, not moving a muscle
You look to the door, because you hear a rustle
Your mom tells you that your friends are all dead
You sit there quietly in your bed
And take responsibility for their deaths
Then you remember hearing their last breaths
You think about it with a silent tear
Then you realize, it all started with beer...

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