Sandy's Lesson
Jessica, Age 12, Michigan, USA

Sandy was a shy girl who badly wanted to be one of the popular girls. Sandy had a best friend Amber. Amber didn't care much for the popular girls. She was happy just having Sandy as her friend. They would do everything together. Amber would go to Sandy's or Sandy would go to Amber's house.

Then they would always dance and sing. Sandy mostly sang and Amber mostly danced. They were practicing for a talent show because it was a contest. The talent show was in a couple of days, so they had to go to the school and see if they would make the program. When they got they got there, they had to rehearse their song. The talent show manager said that they made the audition!

Amber and Sandy went back to their house to tell their moms. After that they started to practice more. It had been a couple of days and that day was the talent show. They went to the school and waited for their turn. One more person was ahead of them. They waited till the last person was over. Then they got up on the stage, and the music started to play.

They were very frightened to perform in front of an audience. Amber was dancing good and Sandy, wow she was really good. She has never reached the fourth tune and that day she did!

After their success, the popular group started to come over to Sandy and Amber. Amber said that she was going to go to the bathroom. The popular group asked her if she wanted to be a part of the popular group. Sandy was so excited. She said, "yes"! Samantha said that they were going to go to her house and wanted to see if Sandy wanted to come along. Sandy was so excited she said yes to that, too! When Amber got out of the bathroom, Sandy wasn't there. Amber decided to head home alone. When Amber got home she called Sandy. Sandy's mom Sherry picked up the phone and Amber asked if Sandy was home.

Sandy picked up the phone and said, "Hello?" Sandy was so mad all she could say was, "I don't want to talk to you!" Sandy slammed the phone down and Amber just hung up.

The next day at school Amber and Sandy never talked. When Sandy got home her mom was standing at the door waiting for her to open it. When she opened it her mom told her she had to get her tonsils out. Sandy ran to her room crying because all her friends wouldn't want her to be in the popular group anymore if she didn't have the same voice.

Sandy went back to school with a different voice and nobody knew it was her. She went up to her friends and said, "Hi." They replied back, "What kind of voice is that?"

Sandy just walked away because she knew that they wouldn't want to talk to her. When school was over and Sandy got home, she tried to call Amber. When Amber picked up the phone Sandy told her who it was just in case she didn't recognize her either. Amber knew exactly who it was and replied, "Why are you calling me? I thought you liked the popular group more than me?"

Sandy said "No, they are not my true friends and you are. I'm so sorry, please forgive me?" Amber was thinking about this and she needed time. A couple of days later Amber called Sandy and asked her to come over and dance. Sandy was so excited to have her best friend back again. Sandy promised Amber she would never do that again.

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