Samantha, Age 12, Michigan, USA

It was stormy that night
Which made it even worse.
She could only sit there,
It followed her wherever she went.
It snuck up behind her when she was alone.
It was something that she thought she wanted,
But she wasn’t sure.
All it did was yell,
Yell into her ear,
“Here I come, getting closer as the days get near.”
When she wanted to forget
It sat right by her side.
Leaning closer just to listen to her thoughts,
Her fears.
All she did was sit there thinking,
Hoping it would leave.
But what she found out was that it was just a dream!
It made her wonder what she wanted.
Why did it come to her without a time to rest?
She knew she shouldn’t worry,
For it would be away real soon.
When she woke up in the morning everything was good!
She knew what “it” was now.
She just needed to think about the problems,
And the stresses that always come to bother her.
She knew it would come back,
But “it” was really good.
She needed to look at it one more time,
To find out what it was really there for.
Now she knew.
And “it” was all good.

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