School and What I Think of It
Joseph, Age 12, Romeo, MI

I think school is boring! At the start of school all you do is wait for second hour to begin. Then, when in second hour, Iím wishing for lunch hour to arrive. This pretty much continues for the rest of the day except for wishing for the end of the school day. Of course many good things happen at my school, but the best thing is: I get out at 2:10pm and the rest of day is free. Assuming, of course, I donít have any homework.

The fun things I do at school is join sports and hanging out with friends. But you should never do things that are stupid or you will get bad grades, fewer friends, and wonít be able to join a sport.

My favorite subject would be band class because it is fun and I have a teacher who always has something fun to talk about. In band I play the clarinet because I got it from my cousin who is doing very well at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. I now play the clarinet very well and am also improving my piano playing as well.

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