The Broken Window
Taylor, Age 13, Atwater, CA

One day as I was minding my own business in my room, my brother came along. He wanted to watch T.V. but I was already watching it. As you know little kids always get their way. And thatís what happened for two long weeks. It got to be really annoying because he watches dumb T.V. shows.

My brotherís name is Alex. He is 10 years old and he is very annoying. He also does weird stuff for money. Alex has brownish black hair and wears a size seven shoe. I have the same color hair but Iím not as annoying. Unlike my brother I wear a size 12.

So enough about what we look like and on to what I did. As you know he is annoying, so one day he pushed me to my limit. He hit me for no reason on the way to clean stalls. As we ran to the barn I picked up a very big hand full of rocks. I was going to hit him in the back or head with the biggest rocks in my hand.

I threw the rock. It left my hand with a loud swoosh. I missed. I got ready to throw another one. Swoosh went the second rock as it left my hand. I missed again. As the last rock left my hand knew this would be the one to hit him. Swoosh, it left my hand at about 90 miles an hour. As I watched it leave I yelled NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It was going strait towards our tack room window. I had enough time to think about the big whipping that I would get if my dad found out.

The rock hit the window with a loud CRASH! I panicked. I begged my annoying brother not to tell my dad. After my panic I went to work so my dad wouldnít suspect anything. About an hour later I was still shaking from that incident. Just about two days later it was Sunday. That meant that my dad and my brother were going to the mountains to feed the cattle.

This was my chance to go in to town with my mom and buy a new window. We looked for some window stores in the phone book. We went to this one place where they sold those kinds of windows for ten dollars. Then we had him make us a window. After that we installed the window and went on to our other chores. When my dad got home he didnít suspect a thing. But that didnít last long. About a week later my brother told my dad but he didnít get mad. I told you my brother is annoying!

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