The Goat That Bit off My Hand
Samantha, Age 12, Leonard, MI

On a summer day my friend Dana and I wanted to go to the zoo. When we got there we looked at the animals. The first animal that we looked at was my favorite, the elephant.

While we were looking at the tigers, my mom went to get lunch. When she was doing that we looked at the map and decided to go to the petting zoo. We walked through the barn and saw the cows and the horses. On the other side of the barn were goats. Above the fence was a sign that had big bold letters that said, “ DON’T FEED THE GOATS”. Of course I ignored the sign, I mean it wasn’t like they were going to bite off my hand, but boy, was I wrong.

When I went to pet the goat, I think it thought my hand was food because the goat bit it off!

Most people would sue the zoo if this happened, but I sued the goat. During the trial you could tell that the goat's lawyer wasn’t a big fan of goats. For example, whenever he would lead the goat to the bench the lawyer would be like three feet away from the goat. He almost acted as if he was scared of the goat. When the goat was on the bench he wasn’t very helpful because whenever someone would ask him something he would always say “BAA”.

After a while that got really annoying. Finally when the trial was over the goat was found guilty of biting off my hand. Obviously he went to jail!

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