Sarah's Stars

Andrea and David Spalding. The Klondike Ring
Whitecap  $8.95  ISBN: 1-55285-461-2  140 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

Do you enjoy reading fascinating little tidbits from the Internet? Do you like a good adventure story, especially one that is based on fact? If so, the Adventure.Net series are the books for you. Full of facts and adventure, these novels by the Spaldings are a fun read for any child ages 9 -12.

In this particular book, which happens to be the fourth in the series, Willow and Rick travel to Dawson City. While their parents work on a documentary about the Gold Rush, Willow and Rick scout out the area and, as usual, get themselves caught up in an adventure.

The Klondike Ring was an excellent book. I think that both boys and girls alike will enjoy it and the rest of the series. The factual snippets within the book give it a definite appeal. I think that this book deserves five stars because although it was below my reading level, I think that younger children will really enjoy it.


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