Sarah's Stars

Pam Withers. The Raging River
Whitecap  $9.50  ISBN: 1552855104  128 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah

At first I was a bit hesitant to read this book because, although people say, "Don't judge a book by its cover," most of us do. I walk into a bookstore and pick up a book. If the cover looks like a romance novel (I don't like romantic stories), I probably would put it right back where I got it. Agree? Well, that's just about what I did with this one, although this book is not a romance. Judging by its back cover, I thought that the book was for a slightly younger reader, and I wouldn't enjoy it. Wrong!

The Raging River, by Pam Withers, was an excellent book. It was a perfect mixture of emotions and characters, giving it a believable twist. Most people who have never been white-water rafting would not appreciate the character's feelings, but Pam Withers has described everything so well that the reader is plunked right down into the character's shoes.

I thought The Raging River was an excellent book, despite my original reluctance to read it. I would recommend it to anyone ages 9-12. I consider this book a four star novel because although it is a very good book, it's not one I will add to my shelf to read over and over again.


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