The Touch of Death
Lucero, Age 12, Merced, CA

“Ha, ha, ha you’re it!” the voices outside said. “Did you hear that, Gector?” Lilly asked her brother.

“Yeah, I do hear it and it's coming from the forest."

But how could this be true if it was against the law for kids to stay up until the middle of the night. Especially in the small town of Salem. Gector was too scared to get up and see what all that commotion was. The room was so quiet that Lilly and Gector could hear their own hearts beating. Thump, thump, thump. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock... Ding, ding, ding. Finally after five minutes the clock stopped. Then everything was still and quiet.

Lilly and Gector got freaked out because they never heard the clock sound like that. Then Lilly decided to get up and check what was wrong. Tip toe, tip toe, and screech! Once Lilly arrived at the window, Gector asked her a question.

“What do you see, Lilly?” Gector asked in a scared voice.

“I don’t see anything.” Lilly said, whispering.

Then Lilly and Gector felt calm and they blamed it on their crazy imagination. Gector suddenly felt this cold chilliness sensation. He looked at the mirror and saw what he didn’t want to see.

“A ghost!” Gector screamed. Suddenly his parents came into his room.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Gector’s mom said. "It’s just a dream huh, bud.”

Gector’s dad said, “You could come and sleep with us tonight.”

The next morning Lilly woke up extra early to see why Gector screamed. “ Gector, why did you scream last night?” Lilly asked in a questioned voice.

“If I tell you would you promise not to laugh?" Gector asked.

“I promise.” Lilly said.

“ Well yesterday when we felt that weird, cold feeling, I looked towards the mirror and I saw this ghost,” Gector said.

“A ghost? What did it look like?” Lilly wanted to know.

“She had a pink ripped up dress, she had blonde hair, and she had a scar that covered half of her face and she was white as if she was frozen. Plus icicles were all over her,"  Gector said in a scared tone.

“ I know who she is”. Lilly said.

“ Who?” Gector asked anxiously.

"Kids, come down and eat breakfast!” their mom called.

“Mom do you know why Gector screamed yesterday?" Lilly asked.

“Why??” their mom asked.

“Mary Ann Williams!” Lilly said.

“Don’t ever say that again, my dad said. “She’s the only one that haunts kids once they play freeze tag in the forest”.

Lilly said, “That’s not true, she died twenty years ago and ghosts don’t exist!” Then Lilly went straight to her room.

It was probably sunset when Lilly decided to come out of her room. Lilly went outside to play with her friends.

“Hey Lilly, want to play freeze tag?” Destiny said.

”Are you crazy, it's three days before Mary Ann’s birthday.” Lilly said.

“ Chicken, chicken," Destiny said.

” Fine then,” Lily said, “So who’s going to play?"

“You, Gector, Sally, Amy, Todd and me,” Destiny said in a bossy voice.

“Got you Todd, Amy, Sally and Gector,” Lilly said in a happy tone.

when Lilly was about to tag Destiny, Lilly felt a cold feeling behind her back. Then the kids heard a girl say, “ Could I play too?

“It’s her!” Gector yelled out. It was Mary Anne, the ghost.

All of the kids ran in different directions. Lilly and Gector ran into their room and they didn’t come out at all. It was dark already and they had to go to bed.

“Uhh, its cold, Gector.” Lilly said when she suddenly felt this cold air. It was as if someone was breathing out cold air. Then Lilly and Gector heard someone laughing outside. Neither Lilly nor Gector dared to look out the window. So they just ignored the noise.

At last it was morning. That day Gector and Lilly’s parents went to work early. The scariest thing was that today was Mary Ann’s birthday.

“Aaaah, look at me I’m covered with ice cubes.” Lily said.

“So am I! Gector yelled.

After that entire struggle they finally got out. Then Gector and Lilly suddenly felt this urge to look under their pillow. Then there was this note that said, “ Come to the Forest if you dare, run. Lilly decided to go, she told Gector to stay.

Once Lilly got to the forest she saw that Mary Ann was there.

“So you are brave enough to come to the forest on my birthday.” Mary Ann said in an evil tone. “Today is the day you and I have a match. So here are the rules: the person who is it tags either you or me and will turn into plain ice.” Mary Ann said.

“So I assume we're playing freeze tag.” Lilly said.

“You know it.” Mary Ann said. “I’ll be it.

“No, I’ll be it.” Lilly said.

“What’s the matter, scared?” Mary Ann asked in a sarcastic voice.

“One, two, three run!” Lilly screamed. Lilly barely ran for five minutes and she was already tired. “I have to beat her, to save the town of Salem.” Lilly whispered to herself.

“I got you, you’re down Mary Ann.” Lilly said in a happy tone.

“That’s impossible, you couldn’t have gotten me.” Mary Ann said in a scared tone.

But Lilly had won and saved the town of Salem.

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