When I Get Older
Derrick, Age 13, Romeo, MI

When I get older I want to play in the NBA. I hope to be a starter so I can get paid more. If you look at it my way, people have jobs, they might not like the job, but they do it just for the money. But if you are in the NBA, you get paid twice that amount for doing something you like.

If I were in the NBA, I would want to play on the Orlando Magic with Tracy McGrady or play with the Pistons with Ben Wallace. I would try to be the defensive player of the year just like Ben Wallace. I would also work on my shot so I could be good on both sides of the court. I would hope to average at least 26 points a game, and have good defensive status. Then when I got all my money I would get the biggest mansion in the world. I would get a full court basketball court and a swimming pool with a diving board and a slide. Then I would buy lots of clothes and shoes, and everything would go together. Thatís what would happen when I get older if I get my wish.

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