When I Met the MSU Basketball Team
Andrea, Age 13, Washington, MI

 Last year my aunt took me to meet the Michigan State Menís Basketball team. My Aunt works at MSU as a professor in the computer and electronics area. She is also the assistant dean of the University. So she talked to the liaison of the Breslin Center and I got to meet the team!

I even had a tour of the center. I got to see all the offices and when we walked in to the building I met 5 football players.

The coach came over and talked to me. He gave me the season book about the team and signed my shirt. Then all the players came over and signed my shirt and my Aunt took pictures. We watched them practice and then I got to go into their locker room and wear their clothes and shoes.

Then we went up to the offices. I got to go into the coach's office and look at all his stuff. He had pictures of Magic Johnson and himself. Then the whole team signed a poster for me. It hangs in my room.

It was so cool. I got to go on the court and see everything, and also got to see the electronic room where they record all the practices. Then we went to the movie theater to review the practice. We watched the rest of the practice and they all said goodbye to me. My Aunt has three of the basketball players in class. When we went to the court all the players knew her. It was a lot of fun. I will remember it forever.

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